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Leicestershire Virtual School’s book “Superheroes!”
17 Oct
Leicestershire Virtual School’s book “Superheroes!”, an anthology of short stories written by Leicestershire’s children in care, has been published and is now available for purchase. The book features stories written by 48 of Leicestershire’s children in care aged between 4 and 15 about existing well-known comic book characters plus some newly-created ones such as Cupcake Queen, Cat Kid and Michael Recycle. The creation of this book is the most recent project from the Leicestershire Virtual School to address their children’s literacy skills. It follows on from the monthly book parcels sent to all primary age children that encourage and nurture reading skills. The creative writing project has given Leicestershire’s children in care the opportunity to set free their imagination, create new characters or place old favourites in new and often bizarre new situations. In doing so, the children have been able to develop their writing skills and see their stories in print, encouraging them to enjoy the creative writing process and view themselves as writers. Please click here to purchase your copy
Mandate Fraud Alert
15 Oct
We have received a report of a fraudulent attempt to change a supplier bank account details (Roberts Coaches Ltd.). We know that many of our schools and academies trade with this company which is an unfortunate innocent party in this scam. To confirm, Roberts Coaches Ltd. has not changed its bankers. Please ignore any bank account change request purporting to be from the company, however genuine it may look on the face of it. Our advice remains consistent with regard to mandate fraud: - - please treat any requests for bank account amendments with extreme caution - these are 99.9% likely to be fraudulent - please validate any such requests with the organisation concerned, via a contact telephone number / name known to be valid (i.e. not the contact number on the incoming correspondence) - please ensure that all finance staff are made aware of this type of fraud, in particular newer members of the finance team What we do see are these attempts looking far more sophisticated and convincing than in the past, e.g. cloned email addresses, 'genuine' names of officers within the company etc. As our defences against fraud get smarter, so does the fraudster! It is pertinent to mention that this type of fraud may not be restricted to just suppliers (although it seems to be at the moment). It is feasible that fraudsters may even seek to target fraudulent changes to employee bank details or even those of parents.
Autumn 2019 Open training courses
19 Sep
Open Courses for Leicestershire Making Sense of Autism – (Tier 1) Wednesday 2nd October 2019, 8:30-10:00, – no lunch – £20 per person Basic autism awareness training for teaching or non-teaching staff within any education setting who need an understanding of autism in their role (including office staff, governors, caretakers, drivers, and escorts). [Cheaper to book us for whole school but use these as mop up sessions for new staff or staff who missed out in the whole school booking. To book go to Good Autism Practice – (Tier 2) Wednesday 23rd October 2019, 8:30 – 3:30, – lunch included – £120 per person Requires AET Tier 1 or ASD awareness training to have been completed prior to training. Practical knowledge, hands-on tools and techniques for all staff working directly with children on the autism spectrum (including teaching assistants, lunchtime staff, and teachers). To book click here. GAP: Enhancing & Extending (Tier 2) Wednesday 20th November 2019, 8:30 – 12:00, no lunch – £50 per person Level 2/Tier 2 (Good Autism Practice) Certificate to have been completed prior to training. This half day session is designed to build on the learning developed through ‘good autism practice’ by enabling delegates to deepen their understanding of autism and the implications for practice. To book : Leading Good Autism Practice (Tier 3) Wednesday 11th December 2019, 8:30-3:30, – lunch included – £120 per person Requires some previous ASD Training. Ideal for SENCOs / HLTAs/Lead Practitioners. For staff who may train or lead other staff in their setting, focusing on developing good autism provision. [this is not a course for HLTA’s that do not have responsibility over other staff – if you are looking for more strategies and interventions try Extending & Enhancing] To book :
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22 Oct
GDPRiS - Familiarisation with the GDPRiS Platform
Familiarise yourself with the tasks needed to perform in your ‘live’ site and of course carry out training for your staff. • Powerful tools will provide all staff with a new level of data protection understanding. • It will guide them through documenting data flows, mapping and auditing of personal data, guidance on reporting breaches, training and documentation, and prompts the use of self-assessment questionnaires (SAQs). • Schools can select the suppliers they use to process data from the Supplier Product Directory which is pre-populated to find out if they are GDPR compliant.
22 Oct
LEAMIS - Personnel Single Central Record
SIMS Personnel module provides the facility to enter all data required for OFSTED Single Central Record for employees, volunteers, governors (and others) into the SIMS database. As well as supplementing the school’s information management, data entered accurately will support the production of the OFSTED Single Central Record Report, which collects a wide range of individual level data. Processing data electronically in SIMS will also enable users to produce Individual SCR Reports, which can be used for checking and collection purposes without duplication of data entry.
22 Oct
Managing Your School-Based Induction
Couse objective: • Identifying the key factors that contribute to an effective induction process • Identifying the information / activities that should be included when inducting a new governor into your school • Providing a framework to enable the board to draw up an induction plan Intended for: Governors with a responsibility for governor development